Hornet App: Creating A Global Newsroom To Bring More Editorially-Driven Content To The LGBT Community & Prove The Gay Social App Can Be Much More Than A Dating Connection – The Mr. Magazine™ Interview With Sean Howell, President & Co-Founder, Hornet Networks

Mr. Magazine

“I love beautiful magazines. One of my best friends is the editor of a super-small magazine, and I have another friend, Peter Cummings, who founded a magazine that closed and just came back to life, called XY. So, I love print magazines. And much like the print magazine is a beautiful thing that you keep and cherish, we want to keep making both our apps and the ad units better than current industry standards, and that’s why we’re moving away from those annoying 320×50 ads and trying to create something that’s better. It’s possible that we would have a print magazine, but not anytime soon.” Sean Howell

horent-logo-1Hornet is an app for gay men that promotes connection, longevity in relationships, whether by simply keeping in touch or forming long-lasting communications, and more recently more editorially-driven content for the LGBT community it serves.

Sean Howell is president and co-founder of the…

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Hornet Gay Social Network

Hornet is a leading gay dating and social network with over 9 million guys.  It is available on your iPhone and Android in the app stores and available via desktop for gay chat.